FujiFilm FinePix S1800 (FinePix S1880) Q&As

Announced Feb 2, 2010 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 504 mm (18×)
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By: mysummer (May 16, 2020)
Posted to: Open Talk
HISTORY I started photography with a Praktica tl5b (when I had hair) I moved onto a Fujifilm s1800 which worked for me NOW My fuji seems to have had a brain hemorrhage, (freezes, won't switch off, etc,) " is it me?" I'm now looking for a reasonably priced camera as a replacement, (say up to £500 fixed income, pensioner) During my hobby I have collected, several lenses from my Practica, ( 52 mm screw thread,) can I still use them on a replacement DSLR? I have got rather adept using a photo...
By: windmillbalklane (Feb 11, 2015)
I need information on my S1800 camera. It has been a fantastic camera until this week. Who can I talk to for assistance please? Norman Jones
I am finally upgrading to an actual DSLR from my Finepix S1800. Trouble is, I've become quite addicted to its 28-500mm focal range, so I am trying to find a bundle of 600D together with lenses that will allow me to achieve most if not all of the range I previously had. I've also read that it's recommended to have at least a UV filter attached to protect the lens from dust and scratches. I know a polariser would be nice too, since I'm going away on holiday soon. However, most cheap lenses I've...
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