Fujifilm FinePix HS35EXR

Announced Jan 7, 2013 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 720 mm (30×)

I will make this review as simple as possible. I will state the pros and cons of this camera over my previous HS10 and SX40 cameras. If you are looking for superzoom camera with real DSLR-like handling capability and ergonomics, you only have two choices, X-S1 and HS30. If budget is not a problem, get the X-S1 otherwise HS30 is your best bet. PROS - Better IQ, Dynamic Range. - Smoother manual zoom and manual focus ring. - Improved placement of built-in Flash - Much faster AF. - Much faster ...

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This is a bridge camera with really superior features. Straight to the points i will state down the pros and cons here. PROS: 1. 30x manual zoom as good as any dslr 2. macro is too good. 3. alot of options to toggle with WBs. 4. good image quality, as a bridge camera it is really good. 5. landscape photography is one of its quality 6. Manual focus CONS: 1. minor firmware bugs 2. bit tough to adjust the exposure & focus till u r easy

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I bought the HS30EXR from B&H last week. This camera is an upgrade from my S5000. The HS30EXR has a good feel, the controls are easy to reach, it starts up fast, the tilting lcd has a crisp image as well as the view finder. After charging the battery (and it goes fast) I started taking pictures. I am impressed with the quality of the camera as well as the pictures (Fuji has always had a very good eye for color) I am still in the process of discovering all the features. So far nothing else ...

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