Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR

Announced Jan 5, 2011 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 360 mm (15×)

Next to my Fuji X-S1 I use these Fuji FinePix 550 EXR because it has a lot of the same possibilities like RAW and a large zoom. Of course it has its limits too, but I'm very pleased with my little pocket camera. I own it over a year and it is always in my car when we go somewhere. It create beautiful pictures for me. Raages

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I bought this to play with raw files. It has a raw format all of my software recognizes as half its resolution. the software supplied will translate the image but not to a better raw format. So its not supported very well. The guys in fuji were very good. They can not help that this does not have a beyer filter sensor. yes I can save it as tiff 100 meg files and they are very good in detail and colour but I feel cheated. At ISO over 200 the picture noise is offensive. Horrible. Getting a ...

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After studying the market for almost 1/2 year, I finally decided to get a F550EXR. Why? Because I realised that for the best Cameras in Range ( Exilim EX-ZR100, Canon SX230, Fujifilm F550EXR, Panasonic DMC-TZ22 ) you will always find reviews complementing their image quality, usability and advanced technology and you will find reviews, destroying the cameras reliability, its image quality and everything else about it. At the end I decided to pic these Cams and try to work with them, check ...

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Best compact I have ever used. Amazing how far technology has advanced. But you need to know a bit about photography to find this out. I am a dslr user, so I am able to exploit the camera and push the sensor to its full capacity (simple things like watching the shutter speed to prevent camera or subject blur needs to be observed, good steady hands are needed for low shutter speeds, balancing camera vs flash exposure in manual mode for flash photography, not worrying about aperture setting ...

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Bought the 550EXR to replace a damaged DMC-ZS3. First outing was a trip to London. Lots of opportunities for type of photo. Took over 1000 pictures and videos in all types of conditions. Some images were excellent, some were dull. Videos of fixed scenes can be excellent but any use of the zoom or panning results in complete loss of focus. The zoom range is excellent. The 24mm wide angle is extremely useful when traveling. At full telephoto the image stabilization worked well also. Photo ...

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First let me say I am a Fuji fan and bought this camera to take snap shots as I traveled through Scandinavia for 3 weeks. I took my Pro S for the main work and wanted this 550 for the GPS tracking and just snapshot work. The pictures it took are really nearly on par with my Pro S. The Pro S is only 6 MP (with 6...well you know the story) and this 550 is 16 MP. I found the images sharp and vibrant. I also really liked the way the camera handled. You can shoot a movie and take snap shots ...

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