Fujifilm FinePix Z2 User Reviews

Announced Oct 10, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 108 mm (3×)

I got this micro sized camera during a promotion recently where they are clearing the very old stock ( in year 2005). I paid minimum price to get this once top compact performer. Nothing much to complain about the image quality, as compare with other ultra compact in the market it is above average. And believe me, fuji is the market leader in low light shooting segment before 2007, any camera with super CCD before 2007 is will blow you away with the low light capability. If you are a serious ...

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I'm very pleased with the image quality at daylight, and up to ISO ~200. Colours are strong & vivid but well balanced, AE works very well. Took some macro shots of flowers which became excellent. Lower light performance is OK and potentially better than with other ultra compacts, but serious noise can be seen from ISO 400 upwards. I was expecting a little bit more after the great F11 performance. However, printing images at postcard size is very much OK. Not a lot of features but sufficient ...

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After having spent two weeks vacationing in Iceland with my new Fuji FinePix Z2, taking over 200 photos... This is pretty much the super-handy little digicam I had hoped for. IMAGE QUALITY: The big concern for this cam is image quality, specifically detail and sharpness. I found detail great at ISO 64 or 100, and acceptable at 200. At high ISO's, the noise reduction artifacts are severe enough that you won't like them close-up... you'd have to consider it only as good as a 2 or 3 megapixel ...

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Tony SD

I wanted a really pocketable camera (I normally use DSLRs). So when I saw this in Jessops it seemed just what I was looking for. It's definitely a very sexy little number. The black finish and excellent construction coupled with the small size could make it a 'must have' item for some. It's fast to start up and take pictures. The 2.5" screen is a joy. The auto white balance is very good (better than my Canon DSLR), and it focuses quite close. BUT The picture quality is abysmal. Grass is ...

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Only had this a few days. I have an S5600 as my main camera so this was purchased for my wife as a carry-everywhere camera. We wanted something small, ruggard and easy to use as it will spend most of its life in her handbag. Construction. Small it is, and it apperars to be of solid construction including metal case and strengthened LCD screen. We also purchased a Fuji leather case designed specifically for this camera which fits like a glove, looks great and will help to protect it. Features ...

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