Fujifilm FinePix Z1

Announced Feb 8, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 108 mm (3×)

I picked up this little camera(in black) Jan/06. It's not intended to be my primary camera but to be carried around for those surprise/candid shots. I wanted a pocketable digital for mainly emailing pics and to view on my PC, so after pouring over many reviews re ultra compacts I chose the Z1. It has met my requirements nicely (small size & design ie.non-protruding lens) and I'm generally pleased with the camera's performance. There are many user reviews of this little camera and the ...

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I received my Z1 recently and I recommmend it as a pocket camera. It is small and fits nicely into most pockets. The picture quality is very good for what it is. I've owned an s7000 for 2 years. I did not have any expectations that the Z1 could compare in image quality. However, for an easy to use and quick, carry anywhere camera, the Z1 is great! I took some experimental photos and made some 4x6 prints and they were very good. Enlargements would not be as nice. I would use the s7000 ...

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I purchased this camera a couple of days ago - and can say i am happy with it. I wanted to go for the sony T7 but this one had the better reviews. Previous poster may want to choose macro mode if shots are blurred - or there may be a fault with the camera. one thing though, trying to find out if this has webcam facilty.

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Superbly easy to use. Supremely quick. Overall very nice image quality for such a small camera. My only complaint is that focus is a little soft at normal distances. What makes this stand out is that focus on macro shots - even unintentional macro shots! - is absolutely exquisite. Stunning detail up close. Problems: UPDATE: I'd like to praise, also, the solid construction of the case. My camera sustained a blow of unknown origin sufficient to put a big dent in the back of the camera, ...

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i got this camera for less than 300 bucks. it's an amazing deal. for a ultra-compact, it has great resolution, and amazingly low noise in the 200-400 iso ranges, with 800 still better than 400 in most of the competition. quick start-up, quick shutter release, quick everything. clever design: lens is safely covered when camera is off and the lid won't accidentally slide open when pocketed. full-screen, high-quality NTSC movies. i found the battery to last around 200 pix if the flash is not ...

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