Fujifilm FinePix IS-1

Announced Jan 4, 2007 •
9 megapixels | 2 screen | 28 – 300 mm (10.7×)

I have now used this camera for half a year, and it's fairly quick and intuitive. The flip out screen is fantastic. All cameras with live view should have this. The manual zoom ring is also a very useful feature. Hate those button zoom things. Dynamic range is astonishing i clear sunshine with IR filter on. It has actually saved my day several times when I did black & white work. This camera is a tool with a spesific use, and as such a very good one. Problems: Hotspot is a problem when bright ...

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Let me start out saying I am not a professional photographer, it's a hobby. This camera is more fun to use than any other camera I own. I have always liked shooting B/W, but with this camera it is even better than plain old B/W it's almost 3-D. You can really get some nice effects in the field shooting landscaping and etc. The trees and bushes come alive. I know nothing about shooting IR, but you don't need to do anything but take this camera out of the box and start shooting. Problems: None.

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One of the first, out of the box, infrared cameras for amateur use. Based on the S9000 series it has ability to take excellent infrared pictures. The image finder captures the infrared image even with the addition of an infrared filters (e.g. Hoya R72) before taking the picture. Two custom white balance settings allow for excellent infrared white balance adjustment with a filter. As might be imagined an infrared cut-off filter is needed to use as a regular camera. With such a filter the ...

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