Fujifilm FinePix A120

Announced Feb 25, 2004 •
3 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 38 mm

Returned it. Bought this camera as a gift for a child. Easy to use, little shutter lag, recharges flash fairly quickly. Problems: The indoor pics with flash were very grainy. Plus, there were consistently "dust circles" in the flash photos, that is transluscent white circles. The documentation indicates this is normal. Well, not in my opinion. I have an Olympus, and it rarely, if ever happens. I don't expect an entry level, simple camera to give me high quality pics, but I don't think that ...

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This is my 5-th digital camera and 3-rd Finepix, after Finepix1300, have FinepixS602ZPro and bought this one for the size and quality. I'm very happy with the picture quality, how easy to use the camera after reading carefully the manual and as a ex-photographer the camera itself is beautiful too. Ideal camera on a trip or vacation because is very easy to carry. Problems: Not so happy with the jpeg video after the S602ZPro. I found easier to hold the camera at the bottom and push the shouter ...

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