Fujifilm Digital Cameras, Lenses and Printers

Quick info
Global website: www.fujifilm.com
US website: www.fujifilmusa.com
EU website: www.fujifilm.eu
Established: 1934
Country: Japan
First digital camera: DS-1P, 1988
The world’s largest photographic and imaging company, Fujifilm was one of the early innovators in the consumer compact camera market, and is in fact usually credited with introducing the first true digital camera, the DS-1P, in 1988. In 1999 Fujifilm introduced a proprietary sensor system, Super CCD, which promised improved resolution and sensitivity thanks to a novel pixel architecture and some fancy image processing. Although the early generations of Super CCD failed to impress, the latest version (Super CCD EXR) is generally considered one of the better compact camera sensors. For many years Fujifilm also offered a DSLR system (based on adapted Nikon bodies) but hasn’t introduced a new model since 2006. At Photokina 2010 Fujifilm announced the X100, a fixed lens APS-C sensor compact.
Fujifilm offers a wide and comprehensive range of FinePix compacts, with lots to choose from at the budget end and a selection of more advanced ‘SLR-like’ bridge cameras for the enthusiast. And of course, the unique 3D W3.
One of the biggest players in commercial photographic printing and finishing, Fujifilm also markets a very small range of consumer photo printers that produce 6x4in prints.

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