SMDV 16 Channel Flash Wave III Radio Trigger 2.4 GHz Advanced Kit (1x Transmitter TX, 2x Receiver RX, 2x 6"x8" softbox) Overview

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The premium quality Flash Wave III radio Slave Kit is essential for Pro photographer on the go. It is versatile and reliable to be used for portable flash units, as well as strobe unit. The transmitter is powered by 1x CR2450 Lithium Battery, sends 2.4 GHz sign to trigger slaved Flash Wave III RX receiver. It features 16 selectable, and encrypted channel, ranges up to 700 feet, far enough for most of the applications. The transmitter can be mounted directly on to a standard hot shoe or via a PC Sync cable (included). The receiver can be mounted directly on to mounted directly on to a tripod or lightstand.

This uniquely designed rectangular softbox is great for photographers on the go. Perfect for location shooting, installation is quick and simple. The softbox is made with Fotodiox quality reflective and diffusive fabric material with interior panels that are silver coated for peak light effectiveness. The Fotodiox softbox provides a soft yet efficient light. The rubberized interior and elastic strap on the flash mount area ensure a proper tight fit with no light spill. The softbox is made with real fabric for professional use, not paper like many others.

Package includes:
1 - Flash Wave III TX Transmitter
2 - Flash Wave III RX Receivers
2 - 6" x 8" Flash Softboxes
2 - Strobe Sync Cables
4 - AA Batteries
1 - PC Sync Cable
1 - CR2450 Lithium Battery

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