Epson R-D1

Announced Mar 11, 2004 •
6 megapixels | 2 screen | APS-C sensor
J borger

I finaly have the feeling i shoot real photos instead of digital files. This camera gives the most film-like output i ever saw from any professional digital camera. It takes up the character of the lenses used in a fabulous way... you like vintage B&W? ... Just mount a Leica lens from the '50s and you're there? My canon 1Ds sits on the shelf waiting to be sold since i own this little gem. I do not like these CMOS files anymore. Problems: Paint coming off after about 3/4 year heavu use.

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Nice idea, but really lacks the essentials. The viewfinder is very limited with frame lines for a 28mm=(becomes a 42mm) 35mm=(53mm) and 50mm=(75mm) very limiting as you have no wide angle viewfinder unless you add an optical viewfinder on top. Poor construction and inaccurate frame lines on the viewfinder. Some nice features with the B&W settings and your choice of color filters to simulate the effects these color filters provide. But difficult to move around in menu. Takes far too long to ...

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It's unique...the only DRF on the marked to day, and the only digital camera to take use of the largest set of optics out there, the Leitz M mount, wich has hundreds of lenses in different shape and sizes from various brands from the early 19'th hundreds until this day... I just love this 1Ds MKII is gathering dust...!!??? Problems: A bit expensive....but with no competition, what could you expect...!!

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