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I have upgraded from a epson xp-860 as I wanted A3 printing. I got a canon pixma pro 100 and after the first one then a replacement i am giving up on it. I print a lot of artwork that is mostly solid black and the xp-860 looked awesome. The pixma pro on the other hand was a let down but acceptable with the OEM carts then when I moved to third part inks I appeared to be fighting a losing battle with the black.  I considered getting a p400 or p600 but the cost when including a refill kit is out...
I want to use my L800 print images on roll paper,How can i do that?
Hi and thank you in advance for your help. When I use Epson inks my output is great, but I cannot seem to get the pigment inks from Inkjetfly to do the same and figure it must be my settings. Pictures are coming out too dark with a blueish cast.Windows 7 on PCAdobe Photoshop CS5Recently purchased Injetfly Heat Transfer Pigment Ink to print on Matte paper using MK Black.My printer is an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer and I am using the 1400-IMAK6MK-EMPHW-v2.icm printer profile Leo at Injetfly...
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