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I was looking at the Epson R1400 for a while, as it was constantly on sale for around 200 bucks in Canada. That's cheap, and the reviews were excellent for a dye based printer. But, it's huge. I really don't have room for it and I don't print professionally, so my need for 13x19 prints is pretty low. I read the reviews of the Artisan series of printers and found that their image quality was generally on par with the R1400, so I looked closer at the reviews online of all the models. All but ...

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If you are looking for an inexpensive printer that produces excellent prints for occassional home use, this is one of the best options. The prints from this blow away the quality I was getting from a more expensive Canon printer. There are better options out there, but you'll pay more. Problems: I haven't run into any, though I've read that the tray needed for CD/DVD label printing is a bit finicky. It's an inkjet and the ink can be expensive, but it's no worse in that department than any ...

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