Domke 700-J1B Domke J-Series Camera Bag Overview

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Product description

Manufacturer description: Our J-Series bags are designed for the ever-changing tools and demands of photography. From bigger, "faster" autofocus zooms to digital cameras, these Ballistic Nylon bags deliver a distinctive range of features while still staying true to Jim Domke's functional philosophy. J-Series bags come complete with fitted weather flaps, a special, adjustable Padded Insert System, and larger end pockets with their own separate Padded Inserts. A flexible, hardworking assortment of features that's every bit as strong and determined as the photographers who helped design it. Top to bottom, end to end, inside and out everything about this bag stays true to Jim Domke's philosophy of functional design.

Quick specs
Material Ballistic nylon
Exterior dimensions 19.5 x 11.5 x 8 (495 x 292 x 203 mm)
Interior dimensions 14 x 11 x 7 (356 x 279 x 178 mm)
Capacity 2 camera bodies with motor drives, 4-6 autofocus lenses, flash, meter film and accessories
Closure Zipper, Velcro, Hook
Weight 4.10 oz (116 g)

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