Casio Exilim EX-ZR1000

Announced Sep 25, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 300 mm (12.5×)
Maff maff

This unit is good for: -people who like tilting screens -very fast focus and continuous shooting -specific art filters (with HDR together) -lovely user interface with two customiced wheels and buttons on a P&S -gadges like selftimer activated by waving your hand It is not so good for -resolution freaks -low light with movements -SDCards bigger than 8 GB (it slows the start up sequence) The Casio ZR1000 is surprisingly complex. You need to dive in the camera and understand the designgoals to ...

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I use the camera for a few days. Casio impressed me once as I own the ZR100 too. The build quality is very good, AF is really fast, the camera responsive, with impressive features and controls and easy menus. I am impressed by the battery life! I have taken more than 300 picts, testing and using every feature for days, and still the battery is almost full. The image quality is very good up to iso 400, the video is very good at full resolution, with excellent sharpness.. This camera is, for ...

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This camera is a big disappointment. I tested it for some days and the quality of photos and videos is really poor. I don´t expect miracles, just decent P&S performance, but it is considerable worse than the competition like Panasonic TZ25, Sony HX series and others when I took comparison photos. Images are all soft and don´t show much details - across the ISO range. Even ISO80 looks soft. RAW doesn´t help, IQ is even with that bad so image processing and/or hardware of the camera must be subpar.

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