Casio Exilim EX-Z80 User Reviews

Announced Jan 7, 2008 •
8 megapixels | 2.6 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

Solidly built, easy to hold. Video functions basic but eminently practical: 320x240 .MOV files, with sound (mono) extremely economical with memory (100 minutes occupies barely half a 2 GB SD card); zoom permitted in video. For stills, there's less to be said: flash options reside on the joystick button, but toggling macro requires a painful and time-consuming dive into the menu system; focus is often less than crisp, except under close-up or macro conditions in good light or with flash; ...

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Highly recommended. Excellent stills and fantastic video quality. Best of all for anyone wanting a camera for clubbing, it handles extreme sound pressures with ease. I shot some video right next to the speaker at a local trance night so loud that it sounded loud to me with clubbing ear plugs in - 18db. The audio on the videos is perfect no distortion and as clear as day. Perfect!! For comparison, my Canon IXUS used to distort anywhere in the room never mind next to the speakers so badly you ...

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The most interisting thing about this camera is it makes suberb quality videos in wide mode, editing in adobe premiere it was on par with a $ 1000 cancorder. Pictures are on par with small cameras , the menu is very easy no navigate. It turns on very very fast. Problems: if you use the zoon during the movie it looses focus. but that is it for it's price it is a very very good thing.

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I don't usually do reviews, but i had 3 casio cameras and looked into many more over the last several years. I was never particularly happy with any of them but kept them because i WAS happy with the movie mode due to the compression which allows 2 hours straight of movie recording on a 2 gig card. But the still were never better than acceptable, and that was with only maybe one shot out of 3. The noise in the details mad for pics that even when viewed screen size just never looked right. On ...

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