Casio Exilim EX-Z50 User Reviews

Announced Aug 25, 2004 •
5 megapixels | 2 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

I'm using EX-Z50 over 6 years now and I may say this is one of the best digital cameras I've ever seen. I also use (or been using) Casio Z1050, Panasonic Lumix 12Mpix, Sony 8Mpix, Fuji 3800 and Fuji F40 - out of all this cameras the Z50 has the best picture quality. I know, it may look strange the much more expensive and newer cameras cannot provide better picture but that's the true. I'm taking mostly outside portraits and some indoor ones, so nothing fancy, almost always in auto mode with ...

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I went from a small mega-pixel Nikon Coolpix to this camera because I wanted the 5 mega-pixels (=better image quality?), and have been using it for about 9 months now. I also liked it's slim design that allowed me to just slip it into my pocket. Although the image quality is better than the little Nikon I had, I'm finding that it has less features (unless I'm missing something), and the owners manual leaves me wanting more. The menu's don't do much for me either. I'm getting ready to sell ...

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POOR IMAGE QUALITY! After just a few minutes of use, I could tell this camera had a severly substandard image quality. Images were consistently grainy and poor. I tried several different lighting situations, as well as different file sizes and settings. All to no avail. For me, this was a big step-down from my Sony 5 megapixel camera. Going in, I thought there would be some quality differences between the two, but I didn't know that ultra-compact meant poor quality. I returned the camera the ...

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This is my first 5MP camera. The images are great. I showed it to a friend of mine who is a semi-professional photograher and he was impressed. He like the size and the image quality. I cannot complain at all about this little camera Problems: The "issue" with the dock is easily remedied with a card reader. I use a mac and there are no problems with iphoto and the camera dock, but if I don't want to dock the camera to charge it, I take the card out of the camera and use it with a card reader.

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This is an excellent point-and-shoot camera. It is tiny, with a large LCD, and a more than adequate image quality. I have had several digital cameras and this one is my favorite. Compared to my 5 mp Kodak, it feels like a manual 35mm in terms of shutter lag. It is true, the LCD is slightly yellow indoors, but only in the camera view, not on the actual picture or on the review of the picture. It is a very insignificant problem. The battery life is phenomenal. You can sit around and play ...

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Jeff Young

Casio follows up its successful pocket-sized Exilim digital camera series with the improved EX-Z50, and it shows. The higher capacity lithium battery is welcome for longer use. Other than some cosmetic alterations to the styling and controls, the original Exilim footprint remains the same, which works to the advantage Casio Exilim user. What more can I say about my new, 5 MP Casio Exilim EX-Z50? I was already happy with the 4 MP EX-Z4. But I wanted the benefits of the enhanced lithium ...

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