Casio Exilim EX-Z120

Announced Aug 4, 2005 •
7 megapixels | 2 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

If the image quality matched the EX-Z120's many fine attributes, this would be a superb camera and ultimate value for the money. Unfortunately, mine had the clarity and resolution of a 3mp camera on a bad day. It went back to Casio as soon as I calibrated it against an Olympus 7mp (C 7000) and a Sony 8mp (N-1) camera. If you're new to digital, it may not matter but if you wanna' print in sizes above 3" X 5" beware, be very ware.... Problems: Image quality is woeful which is a pisser given ...

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Rod Wong

This is the 6th digicam owned by me over the last seven years. I found this Casio camera to be the best for my purpose of carrying it for travelling. The two most useful features are the high sensitivity mode and the AA power source. The first feature enables me to use the camera for recording dim light indoor events without using flash, and the second one gives me assurance that I will be able to use the caemra without the worry of running out of batteries. Of course, its compactness is ...

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Pros: - Good Speed - Quick and correct auto focus, even indoor - Nice TONS of features - Long battery life - Optical view finder - Very good menu based UI - Good outdoor photo quality - Very good Price Performance ratio - Noisy but awesome Anti Shake mode Cons: - Noise is less in Auto mode but not in manual mode ?? - Need IS - Flash not strong - Photo quality not as smooth as Canon's. Oversharphen maybe? Problems: - Optical viewfinder to small, no focus target and no parallax error correction ...

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