Casio Exilim EX-S3

Announced Mar 2, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 2 screen | 35 mm

Very fast camera, within two seconds you can grab it, switch on, take picture, switch off and put it back. And it is very very small and has a large LCD. But..the image quality suffers a lot from this tiny size. The distortion is severe, I took pictures of paintings and they get a funny wave form. Also there is a lot of vignetting, dark corners and dark spots especially noticable in skies. Because of that I think it is a somewhat expensive gadget. Problems: Dust or sand under the play/record ...

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Very Neat Camera with some very FUN features. There are so many things you can do. Like Changing the back ground, taking split screen pictures, and others. The small size is a big plus for me. Im usually on the go when i take pictures. PLUS Biggest LCD for its size Im glad they have zoom on the 3.0mp THe 2.0mp model didnt have optical zoom. (personally Digital Zoom is almost worthless) Problems: Picture quality is not as good as Brand Name Cameras. The case is not as cool as the 2.0 version.

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For a camera with a fixed-focus lens, the S3 produces acceptably sharp images. It's very quick and responsive, taking less than a second from being switched on to start shooting. Considering how big the LCD is for a camera this size, the battery life is surprisingly good. There's no optical zoom although there's a 4x digital one. Like all digital zooms this one is best left switched off. There's no macro either, and the lack of a tripod socket makes night shots and self-portraits quite ...

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I bought this camera for the times that I do not want to lug a larger camera. It serves the purpose and its pocket size is very convenient. The point & click image (fine setting) is pretty good. Zoom pictures are poor. Controls are easy. Uploading of images is simple. I have a Viking 256meg card, which gives me hundreds of pictures (fine) and quick saving times. I find that I now take this camera with me, when I normally would not have any camera on me... Problems: Image quality on zoom ...

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