Casio Exilim EX-H20G

Announced Sep 20, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 240 mm (10×)

I like the GPS features. The zoom capability on ths camera, for the price, is GREAT. Battery lasts for a good time, but I recommend extra one if you do a lot of zooming (same issue as previous camera). I think the buttons are fine for their location. I like the features of selecting different options to meet photo opportunities. It take great videos, especially at concerts, the sound is good. I think the pictures are sharp as well as the videos. I take videos while I play tennis and ...

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This has lots of the problems of picture quality that you get with a small sensor, but also is capable of excellent pix in good light. Really! Don't expect to get great sharpness over the whole zoom range. The GPS works really great when the camera is on. Although the GPS is still logging when the camera is off - as long as GPS is turned on in the menu - it isn't good at all. With camera on you can log your movements and later upload the file to GoogleEarth, and you will find that the track ...

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Smokin Joe

I would buy it again. Sharp pictures and fast capture. Nice features like "Best Picture" for custom shooting. Casio is good for packing a lot into a small object and being extremely reliable and accurate, maybe because of their watchmaking. Problems: Two problems to me--Too easy to turn on camera when touching other buttons when taking out of camera case, can start shooting video inadvertantly. Hard to track moving object in bright sun when shooting video. I see why a small viewfinder is ...

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