Canon EOS R6 Review

Announced Jul 9, 2020 •
20 megapixels | 3 screen | Full frame sensor
dpreview conclusion

The Canon EOS R6 offers much of the capability of the EOS-1D X III in an enthusiast-level mirrorless body. It's only a 20MP camera but one that can produce great results across a huge range of photographic challenges. The tendency to overheat if used before shooting video undermines its appeal for people shooting video and stills together, but the footage is best-in-class if you can work around this limitation. A superb photographers' camera, even if it's not quite the perfect hybrid model.

Good for

A wide range of photographers, anyone looking to adopt the RF mount.

Not so good for

Stills + Video shooters needing utter dependability.

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Build quality
Ergonomics & handling
Metering & focus accuracy
Image quality (raw)
Image quality (jpeg)
Low light / high ISO performance
Viewfinder / screen rating
Movie / video mode