Canon EOS M6 Mark II User Reviews

Announced Aug 28, 2019 •
33 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

When I first gambled on the EOS M series many moons ago (selling off other gear), Canon had just released the EOS M2 for Japan/Select Countries-only which at the time I imported in addition to the EOS M and 22mm I grabbed on an eBay firesale. I had to do workarounds such as turret viewfinders, customized aftermarket grips, and had to shoot continuous drive and "spray and pray" to compensate for the lackluster AF of the EOS M's at the time and provided ergonomics. Things have come a long ways ...

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With the M6 Mark II Canon has taken the M series to another level of power and capability: Higher resolution, faster performance, and even better image quality than before. Qualities of M6 I wrote about in my M6 review all apply to the Mark II as well. Beyond the M6 Canon has continued to reduce the performance and image quality gap with full frames: With the M3 or M6, when I felt I needed to generate the highest quality results I would reach for my full frame DSLR; but with the M6 Mark II, I ...

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I had previous mirror-less cameras from Canon. Even the M2 which I had to order from Japan (never made it to US market) and took me an hr to get the language set to English.  But they were all slow, which was ok. This one is fast. Fast to focus, fast to shoot, fast FPS! The sensor is now up there with the Sony's, eventho Canon was only in 2nd other words, their sensors were always great, but now they are super great! 32MP is a lot.  Your file sizes will be large.  I normally shoot ...

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