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I've had this printer for over five years, and it has never once clogged, nor have I done any maintenance on it. The print quality is top notch. The gamut is good, but occasionally I will come across a red or a blue that simply will not print. Learning about color management and soft proofing will help a lot with gamut issues. Paper is somewhat limited, I've use the Canon Matte, Semi Gloss, and Gloss, as well as Inkpress Luster, and Epson Luster. The color profiles that come with the printer ...

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I bought this printer simply because it could also scan negatives. The print quality is amazing. If you are running Windows 7, download the driver from its website because the driver that comes with the printer does not work well. After using it for a few months, the only complaint I would have is that you need to use Canan photopaper to get good quality prints. Any other paper gives you not acceptable, but poor quality prints!

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If you are considering this printer STOP. I urge you to read all the Amazon reviews. The automatic head cleaning system uses ink to do so - it will cost you a fortune. The automatic head cleaning system usually kicks off when you switch on (it takes minutes to complete - really frustrating if you want to print a single sheet in a hurry), in lulls between print jobs and sometimes after pressing the off button. Whoever released this design to market has damaged Canon's reputation. I for sure ...

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