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I bought this printer 5 years ago for my house in France where I now live permanently. I print both text and colour photographs and I am very happy with it. It works very well as a scanner and copier and the WiFi has never been a problem. And in addition I always use cheap compatible inks from the same supplier, the inks costing mere pocket money. The printer has never failed nor jammed nor had a blockage in the whole five years. I am sure it is no longer available to buy, but I thoroughly ...

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Not a bad printer at all, photos up to A4 size look fine and the wi-fi is a godsend after years of cursing printer cables and looking round the back for the socket. Main problem is that it uses ink so quickly, I mainly use this to print documents or to make photocopies (I'm a teacher). It has one dedicated cartridge for monochrome documents and another 4 cartridges for color printing. I don't use it so often for color stuff yet I find myself having to replace the color cartridges regularly ...

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Consumer reports said this was a best buy for photo printing. Not quite from my experience. Sharpness is satisfactory and colors are just OK. But ink consumption is ridiculously high and print speed is equally slow. Hit the print command and it takes up to 2 minutes to start printing a simple b&w document. I bought mine new and I'm now on my 3rd unit. The lcd display went out on the original after less than a year and the print head caddy froze on the 'refurbished' replacement (Canon ...

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