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Announced May 11, 2016 •
Macro prime lens | Canon EF-M
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Hello, everyone! I'd like to know which of the two lenses focuses faster with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II.If there are any users of both lenses I will be happy for them to share an opinion. Thanks in advance!
Hi everyone. I finally registered after many years of reading informative and sometimes acrimonious DPReview threads. I recently acquired the EF-M Macro 28mm lens. And now I've noticed that it gives off a clicking noise when continuous AF is turned on. Here's a link to a video in which you can hear the sound. Video: Is this normal?! Or did I get a bad copy of the lens? Thank you.
My main camera bodies are a Canon 60D and an EOS-M5. I am also considering the 6D Mk2 sometime next year. Currently I only have one native M lens which is the 15-45mm. I was about to purchase a 22m F2 but then the shop assistant recommended trying out the 28mm macro and it was a lot of fun. I went home to sleep on it and then found out about the EF-S 35mm macro which is essentially a slightly better version of the 28mm. I say 'slightly better' because it has metal parts instead of plastic and...
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