Canon EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III

Telephoto zoom lens | Canon EF | 6473A003

This is a very inexpensive but pretty good lens. Construction quality feels cheap - not 'nifty-fifty' cheap but not much better - but it works and that's what counts. Optically it's quite good, especially when price is considered, with good overall sharpness and low distortions except for CA. And that's the problem I have with this lens. At telephoto lengths over about 200mm CA is quite noticeable, with it rearing its ugly head in almost all high contrast shots. UGH! I think the main ...

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Before reading this you must have two things in mind: 1) I'm using a DSLR for less than 1 month and 2) I am using Google Translator to help me. It is a good lens, although not having stabilizer you may need to increase the exposure time to compensate for the jitter. Problems: I took some pictures with this lens but unfortunately the first even though I noticed some chromatic aberration. After reading on the internet I found that aberration occurred only close to 300mm. But still I found it ...

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