Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Macro

Macro prime lens | Canon EF | 2537A003

I got this for £40 (!) quite recently and I love it. It is razor sharp wide open, showing slight improvement stopping down. It is an old design, both optically and aesthetically, but despite the slightly dated appearance, it simply works. Every time. The AF - as long as it doesn't hunt (long focus throw) - is quick, and while it does sound like a tiny jet engine, it is not intrusive and it is dead on accurate. I use it with a 25mm extension tube, and find it to be the cheapest way to get to ...

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This lens is definitely an old design but it is still very good. I bought mine used 3 years ago and it has served me well. I have used it for nature photography as well as the odd product shoot. It is very sharp and can also double as a portrait lens. Obviously its light and compact. Its got a metal mount and the body is made of sturdy plastic. The build quality is much better than the 50/1.8. I'd rate it at about the same as the 50/1.4. Drawbacks: the AF is slow and noisy while the focus ...

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I enjoy close-up photography. I have several large expensive macro lenses that weigh a ton. I use these lenses when I'm at home, or close to home. But when I travel, I always take this very light, compact exceptionally sharp lens with me. It produces extremely sharp, detailed macro shots, and the only drawback is that you must get physically closer to the subject than my larger lenses. This is not a problem when you weigh (literally) the compactness and light-weight advantages of this ...

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