Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM User Reviews

Wideangle prime lens | Canon EF | 2509A003

I was surprised to see no reviews of this lens, so here's my two bits... for or many years I have been diddling around trying to find a decent 20/21mm, and this became more urgent when I bought the 1dsmk2 a few years back.. The 16-35 mk1 was not good, and quickly replaced with the 17-40 which was better (IMHO)... After a while my search continued and I aquired one of these... Which was ok but I still was keen for better... At the time the zeiss was not available in the canon mount, and was ...

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Having moved to full frame a while back I found it missed having a wide angle lens, the 24-105 did not go wide enough always.  I was in no hurry to get this and was watching on ebay over the winter for one, getting a nearly new one that had been used for one weekend by someone.  I got it at a good price and was very happy with it once I started using it.  Having had it for several months now I find I am using it much more than I expected. It is sharp for it class of lens.  Light weight which ...

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