Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM User Reviews

Announced Jan 24, 2008 •
Telephoto prime lens | Canon EF | 2297B002

I have the 1.8 version but couldn't find it in the database so here goes. the 200mm 1.8 USM lens probably have the best bokeh money can buy. Auto-focus can be slow sometimes, but for general portrait photography, it's fine. One of the sharpest lens I ever used. With the wide aperture of 1.8, I dont find myself needing IS. I mean, you are most likely going to use it with a monopod or tripod anyways. Absolutely recommend it!

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A portrait photographers dream While I don’t call myself an photographer. Neither do I have the pro skills, nor do I criticize pictures for basic concepts of colors, editing and don’t have any formal training experience. I just love photography and its more of art and rather than specs. A picture is all about experience. What my eyes see and the way image makes me feel is more important to me rather than the technicalities. Where most of the chart shooters talk about is specs, I talk about ...

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On this length you cant get anything better than this lens. When 70-200 f/2.8 comes to short due to 1 step of light, you can really nail the moment with the 200 f/2. It's extremely fast, precise and sharp. You can use it on the 1D, 5D or any other camera with great results. You might also love the possibility to add the 1.4x or 2.0x converter to get reasonable 280mm 2.8 or 400mm 4.0. I've used this lens for indoor sports, wedding, outside editorial and more. With the IS you can handheld this ...

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