Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Announced Aug 20, 2007 •
Zoom lens | Canon EF-S

Not horrible and quite usable but too many optical compromises. The "companion" EF-S 55-250 IS, and especially version II of that lens, is far far better and an excellent value. As for the 18-55 IS, well, if you must buy one please get version II! Better yet, save your pennies and move a little farther up the product line, or get a 'nifty-fifty.' Believe me, you will understand my criticisms the instant you mount a better lens and look through your camera's viewfinder. Problems: High CA at ...

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This lens maybe have the bigger number of users around because it has been a kit of most entry-level Canon camera and it also the one is sold cheapest. For me, at the time I purchased first camera, I loved it. I gained lots of photographic experience: from using camera functions, portrait, landscape, streetlife to strobist, macro. Above all, it has acceptable in every expects: optical, built, weight.... and I do not think there is someone want to buy it seperately (after owning other lenses ...

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The full review here gives the details, and there are plenty of other reviews too, all spot-on, comments wise. This is a great lens, came on my 60D a year ago and I've used it extensively for product shots, as well as outdoors, and it has held up well. Made in Taiwan not in China, light in weight but Canon has done a very good job in design and performance. Good Image Stabilization although pretty transparent when you use it, it is not as extremely noticeable as in a telephoto. Smooth manual ...

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I used this lens for some years on different bodys. The IS works fine, even in movie mode(when I bought it there were no VDSLRs out). Quality of images is pretty good, especiallywhen considering the price tag. Build quality is ok for the price. However don´t expect miracles from it. On my 8MP cams it worked fine, but on my 500D the images often looked like crap. I assume it isn´t optimised for higher MP counts and cams with such a high pixel density show it´s weakness there. Maybe the 2nd ...

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