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Announced Feb 7, 2011 •
Zoom lens | Canon EF-S | 2042B002
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Hi, I have a Canon 200D with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lens. I am considering buying a tripod that fits in the cabin bag (going for Europe travel) and also can suport the wheight of my camera with my 55-250mm at his maximum... I have my eyes locked on Manfrotto compact action... Do you guys have any other suggestions or it is a good choice considering i am a "newbie" in photography...i am not thinking to spend a lot of money. Thanks :P
Hi everyone, Hope you guys can guide me to a better trip and better photos :) I will travel very very soon to France(Paris) and Swiss and i will carry for my first time on a trip my DLSR Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2. I have these equipment lens: 18-55mm 55-250 mm UV/CPL/FLD and Multiple ND filters 2 sun covers for lens As a beginner i don´t know what is the best "kit" to carry on day-walk and take great photos, i have the following questions: what lens should i use in Paris? what lens should i...
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