Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye User Reviews

Wideangle fisheye prime lens | Canon EF | 2535A003

I am so glad I bought this little bugger! ;-) I take it with me to weddings, receptions, and it's great to do 360° pano shots for processing in virtual tours. The sharpness is amazing, and with my 1DmkIV (1.3crop) it outperforms easily the 16-35L. In Adobe Lightroom processed, with the built-in auto lens correction, it gives great super-wide results. Sharp until the edges. On my 5D mkIII, stopped down to f6.7 or 7.1 it is evenly great! Great lens for receptions where a lot of people are ...

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I have to admin that I love shooting with a fisheye. It's a very fun lens but for others it's a love/hate lens, some people correct the distortion, others par up for the 14mm version (plus the hefty price tag) to have something less distorted. But honestly, this is a true full frame fisheye, not something you would buy then correct the distortion later. I would say about 20% of my photos are taken with this lens so for me it's a favorite and gets constant use. One of the reasons I chose this ...

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