Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L USM User Reviews

Wideangle prime lens | Canon EF | 2508A002
Taureau Global

bought primarily for video on my C100 and it performs perfectly. The shallow depth of field helps with in doors low light and moving the focus between subjects. I also hoped to do some Astro photography with it but so hard to get sharp images across the whole picture. Edges leave a lot to be desired, shooting on full frame 6D.

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Purchased this lens for my full-frame 5DmkII for landscapes, cityscapes and dramatic urban and nature shots, and since I already was aware of its drawbacks, I wasn’t disappointed. The lens is quite sharp in the center at f/2.8 – but only at the center. Towards the corners it gets softer, but not soft enough to blur out stars or anything. I shot many great night sky photos at 2.8 with decent sharpness – especially after post-processing in Lightroom or what you have. However, when shooting at ...

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J Perry

I don't have the newer 2.8L II. Wish I did. Before buying this, lens I looked at Canon's MTF charts and realized it wasn't a super sharp lens. However, there are times when I just need a very wide angle in conjunction with full frame sensor. I'm not a fan of fisheyes, especially for architecture so I conciously made the decision to accept a lens that was soft. The 4 stars are awarded because I knew what I was getting before I purchased. If you don't know how to read Canon's MTF charts, seach ...

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