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Announced Aug 19, 2010 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 336 mm (12×)
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Hi How would the quality of a cropped photo from RX10 VI at full zoom compare to the quality of a fully zoomed photo of my old camera? Would the details in the photo be better in the Sony? Can anybody make an estimate based on the specs? My old camera is a Canon Powershot SX130 IS. It has a 1/2.3" sensor, 12x zoom (28mm-336mm eq) f3.4-5.6, 12 megapixels. Rx10 VI is 1" sensor, 8x zoom, 20 megapixels. Thanks
I seem to have a problem with metering. I am "coming from" a Canon SX130IS (a point and shoot megazoom). When I had a back lit subject or some other problem where part of my photo was too dark, I would just use autofocus again squarely on the darkest part and the camera would adjust. It would overexpose the rest a lot of times but generally it was what I wanted. Maybe I got too used to that because when I try it now with the Nikon, it doesn't seem to work the same. I was at a party with...
By: jvt321 (Jan 1, 2014)
Okay, this question relates to optical X zoom in relation to mm lens. I know they don't really correspond, but here goes.I have been using the Canon sx130 is which has a 12x zoom. The sensor is 1/2.3" .Of course with that size sensor the quality of pictures at full zoom is not quite what I want, but it gets up close.I do a lot of outdoor stuff and there are objects, (buildings, birds, etc.) I can't get close to. So, I decided to upgrade. I purchased the Nikon D3200. Body only. I'll get lense...
Question: When shooting video with the HS30 and the max limit of 29 minutes is reached, does recording stop altogether? Or, does it pick up where it left off and automatically start recording to a new file?Although I like much of what I read about the HS30, its user manual says, "Recording ends automatically when the movie reaches maximum length" which, according to specs at, is 29 minutes.If that's true, it's a deal-killer for me. One thing I love about my Panasonic Lumix...
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