Canon PowerShot S110

Announced Sep 17, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 120 mm (5×)
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By: Regatta (2 months ago)
I use to be able to view movies on my computer using Picasa, but now I can't. I am using windows 10 and when I drop the SD card into the computer slot to download the pictures the movies do not come out, but the still pix do. What do I need to do so I can download the movies onto my computer?
I just purchased a new to me used Canon S100 camera. It performs beautifully as did my earlier S110. My question is...should the rubber switch like thing on the battery door move to unlock it? It will not budge, but the door slides open as it should with a little friction. If it is supposed to move, what can I do to loosen it? I have put more horizontal pressure on it than I probably should have already. On the bottom side of the battery the door, there are some 1/4" round holes in a shinny...
By: panamforeman (9 months ago)
Recently I sold my only remaining G1X (the original) on E-Bay. I did get a good price. The camera was pristine. But now I am remorseful. I find I am missing it because I used it on so many occasions. So I've decided to buy another one. But, how is it after all the years ago that the G1X was released there are still so many (so called) new ones available? Are they really new? Unsold, not returned or refurbished, "0" clicks shutter etc?? Needless to say I'm skeptical, and wary! But I know I'll...
I'm going to try to make this short and clear, since I know you've all had this question a million times, but here's my spin.  I need a camera that can take great quality pictures and video in a poorly lit auditorium, getting clear close ups from the back, but i'm also interested in being able to get shots a good distance away (i have no concept of this), but vacation type stuff. Are these two needs compatible in one reasonably priced, relatively compact camera? I've come upon an Canon S110...
I have an S110 and a Yongnuo YN565EX II external flash. It triggers alright, but the internal flash flashes too. How to turn off the internal flash and only trigger the external. If it is not possible what is a workaround? Thanks.
Please suggest budget camera (good frame rate) for filming dances & uploading to Youtube. 1) Is there noticeable difference going above 30 fps? 2) Is Canon Powershot S110 sufficient to film dances? 3) Weight and ease of carry and quick lighting transition isn't necessary, since the camera will be stationary in a room, under one lighting condition, well-lit. 4) I prefer if the camera can double for shooting photos. Both are features are vitally important as they're for professional use. Thank...
By: Regatta (Sep 14, 2015)
I purchased a used Canon S110 that didn't come with an installation disk for the computer. I am able to insert the SD card into the computer, but any movies that I have taken do not show up.  What program from the internet do I need to download so my movies will show? Thanking you in advance for your help.
With my 330hs and s110, I used camera window for the WiFi connection to my iPhone. Worked fine. When I went to use it, I received a message indicating to install camera connect. Problem. I can connect to the camera but the application won't work. It says activate camera. Well it is. Fortunately I still have the old application installed. How do I get the new application to work? I not tried it with my 70d where I use eos remote. Thanks Greg
Can I turn off the touch screen?  I am thinking about taking advantage of the Canon special on the S110, but I DON'T want a touchscreen.  Thanx.
Hello, I wanted to make this thread to compare my experience with others. How is the sound quality when you record videos in your Canon cameras ? So far , for me : Canon SD700 (or Ixus 800) : slight hiss, but very bearable. Canon S95 : almost silent (faint hiss maybe). Canon G16 : loud hiss, very annoying. Canon G7X : almost silent++, better than S95. No hiss at all. The best of the 4. No zooming or clicking sound either. I still don't understand why the G16 sound is so bad. You could...
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