Canon PowerShot D30

Announced Feb 12, 2014 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)

The D30 is a decent camera for my intended purpose, which is disaster sites. I was forever churning through retired S-series cameras that would too easily get drywall, etc, dust on the sensor, due to lenses that pumped debris into the camera. I set the D30 on vivid for colors, which is a bit too aggressive. Maybe I should try neutral. The f-stop is super slow. I may have to bump ISO in prep for indoor pics, but for off-the-cuff construction site shots, I really don't want to fiddle with many ...

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Andrew M 13

I choose the D30 over all the other compact underwater cameras for two reasons: · Image file sizes are smaller, which counts when you take hundreds of photos every day; · Noise reduction has been toned down and does not create a watercolour look in your photos. In both these respects the camera delivers. Regarding file size, my Nikon P7700 makes a much better photo that my Canon SX50, yet the image files are about half the size. Image file size is clearly not tightly linked to image quality. ...

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