Canon PowerShot A520 User Reviews

Announced Feb 1, 2005 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Paul Calif

I bought 2 of these cameras, one for each of my adult daughters at Christmas 05. Both have been back for repairs more times than I can recall. My daughters have taken good care of them. One had been back at least 3 times within a year for various major problems that rendered the camera useless. Wouldn't turn on, or the lens would not come out. The other camera was also in for repair several times. Recently, one of the cameras failed again. Thank goodness I used American Express to purchase ...

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jerry Lee

Middle size form factor, great canon quality and support, substantial features that many other don't include. Problems: The additional features are insufficient relative to the A85 and the extra cost is is not worth it relative to the SD200 (or S410). If you really want these features and more with better quality the A85 is for you. If you want just about the same quality for less money and in a TINY package then the SD200 is a better deal. This camera fits somewhere in between these two ...

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