Canon PowerShot A1200 User Reviews

Announced Jan 5, 2011 •
12 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)

I just returned from 5 weeks overseas holidays. Took two cameras, Pentax K100D and a Canon A1200. Purchased the Canon for the holidays as I anticipated that the Pentax would be a bit bulky and heavy for a lot of the time. Thought I would use Canon at night and for discreet shots in museums/restaurants etc. Ended up using the Canon for most of the shots! It is ideal for holidays as it is compact (easily fits in a shirt pocket), has an optical viewfinder (which I used regularly) and had A4 ...

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I bought this machine for taking pictures in rough conditions where the camera has a high chance of getting smashed. This is a very cheap machine, and to my great pleasure takes quality snaps even in low light conditions. Reasonably easy to set up, and relatively easy to alter settings on the fly, it's quite versatle. Up until ISO 400, there isn't much noise, and the basement pictures I've taken are quite crisp. And I regard an optical viewfinder as an important item. And chessy as this one ...

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I've had my A1200 for several months, and I've taken hundreds of snaps with it with good results consistently. Its lens is f2.8 at the wide end, good in low light, but it's slower at the tele end. Its optical zoom OVF only shows 80% of the image, but it's fine for centering, glare-free in bright light, and much steadier at my eye than at arm's length. It uses regular SD cards and it's powered by 2 AA's, no charger needed on the road. All in all, it's a great little pocketable P&S and a ...

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