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Announced Sep 12, 2018 •
5.8 screen | 12 megapixels (rear) | 7 megapixels (front)
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By: tee_nori (10 months ago)
Posted to: iOS Talk
Hello everyone! I've been filming a lot of sunset and sunrise videos with my iPhone XS. I've noticed that when the camera is pointed into the sun, this green ball appears on the video... I've tried polarizing lenses, lens covers / hoods and putting my hand above the lens, but nothing seems to get rid of it. Does anyone know how to remove this flare? Thanks so much for any info! Nori
Hi there, I'm a new user here, although I have ready many reviews and posts! Thanks for all the insights into cameras. Here's my situation and question: As background, I've always had some type of point-and-shoot camera, but only recently have used "professional" cameras, with a Fuji X-T1 at my workplace, which I've learned to use with practice and a bunch of Googling. Currently (July 2020), I'm drawn to this Pentax MX-1, and I know it's supposed to be quite a marvel. I'm curious, though: on...
The Xs has a wide angle and portrait lens. The Xr has an identical wide angle lens. So, aside from not having a portrait lens in the Xr, what would I be giving up by buying the Xr instead of the Xs? Is there anything inherent in the Xr innards itself that will change the IQ of the image? I usually export my photos to Photoshop.
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