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Announced Sep 12, 2018 •
6.1 screen | 12 megapixels (rear) | 7 megapixels (front)
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In the beginning, I was able to paIr my EOS R with my iPhone and geotag my photos.  Somewhere recently, this did not work.  The phone would show that it was paired, but the Cannon App said it couldn't find a camera.  I "forgot" the camera in the iPhone bluetooth and now the iPhone can't find the camera, and the app says it can't find the camera even though it's on and next to the phone. I like to geotag my photos and think this is a great capability if it works.  Any thoughts? --Galleries at...
The Xs has a wide angle and portrait lens. The Xr has an identical wide angle lens. So, aside from not having a portrait lens in the Xr, what would I be giving up by buying the Xr instead of the Xs? Is there anything inherent in the Xr innards itself that will change the IQ of the image? I usually export my photos to Photoshop.
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