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Announced Apr 25, 2012 •
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I recently installed Mac OS High Sierra. Ever since my Photoshop CC forgets, after terminating the program, the color space I set (in Edit => Color Settings...). I want it to open in ProPhoto color space, but it always opens in sRGB and I have to manually re-set this every time I start working in PS. Does anyone know how to change this annoying situation? Many thanks. Juerg
Hi there, I recently made a new website using weebly. Now I'm looking for a way to easily share photo's with my clients via my website, and this is harder than I expected. Is there a way to do this and with secure login so I can share a page or something per client? Ideally I the client can download the entire gallery of a certain project with 1 click. Help is highly appreciated! Lilian p.s. If not, I thought that maybe 500px was a good alternative to do this but I do not want the pictures to...
By: SebLed (11 months ago)
Posted to: Retouching
Hi. I need to fix my photo for my website. Fix shadows, lights, and whatever you see can fix. I'm webmaster and i can promote you in my website. Thanks! This is the photo:
By: Mpsclicks (11 months ago)
Posted to: PC Talk
Hi Guys, Planning to upgrade to PC shift from my i5 6400 laptop(4 core 4 thread )  as the newly released ryzen which boost with his specs seems tempting.  should i buy the ryzen 1700 without much of over clocking or the 1700x which has better over clocking option with 8 cores and 16 threads. mostly photo editing in photoshop and lightroom works is my job with my d750 nikon raw files. planning for video editing too.  kindly suggest which CPU is suited for me is the 70$ additional money worth...
By: Viernes (Dec 29, 2016)
Posted to: Mac Talk
Does anyone know a good photo-stitch software for Mac?  I tried Photoshop and Lightroom 6 for a while, but stitching just a few shots takes forever!  I shoot in RAW (.orf files from an Oly EM5), and I liked the fact that at the end Lr creates a massive RAW file, but the time it takes just doesn't cut it for me.  Thanks!!!!
Hey guys,  I recently (4days ago) got the X-Pro2 and took it out for a try out. Came back today and uploaded all the RAFs in LightRoom but they all appeared colorless... I asked my friend to try on his computer and his Lightroom couldn't read them hence we figured out it was due to the LightRoom version (even though I am currenty on the V6.5) Hence I tried to convert them in DNG format using the Adobe converter software and still, all the pictures appear in black and white. I have tried...
Hello, this photo was taken during a bike ride but the gentleman's left ear is practically white. I've tried frequency separation but am not skilled enough to make the image look nice. I would appreciate advice / tutorial on how to correct this image. This is the natural image and no modifications have been made to it. Thank you!
Hello! I first off want to apologize if I incorrectly post this question or make a mistake of any kind, this is not only my first post on this forum, but my first week owning something more than a camera phone. I purchased an A6000 for my outdoor adventures and added a 16mm f/2.8 wide angle lens for the purpose of capturing star filled skies and nature.  I have played with the exposure, typically setting it to the maximum of 30 seconds, but very often (not always) the sky and stars appear...
Hi, I have decided to buy new software after my copy of cs5 Photoshop refused to work (it kept saying that photoshop couldn't read the files, despite the raw file being converted to .dng). I am currently learning photoshop and I currently use iPhoto to edit after DXO decided to not work on my computer anymore. I was wondering if I should pay the $149.00 to buy the lightroom and photoshop cs6 card (they sell it at bestbuy) or creative cloud, which is only $10.00 a month or $120.00 a year. But...
I'm shooting RAW with a D800 and am using Photoshop CS6. When I open a NEF in Nikon Capture NX-D, set all values to 0 (like in Picture Control, etc), then select Open With Photoshop, I get one result. When I open the same NEF using Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop, set all parameters to 0 (no sharpening, no corrections, as-shot WB, etc.) I get a different result. Here's an animated GIF that switches between the two. I'd say the Capture NX-D result is closer to reality, color-wise. I'm curious...
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