Sony SLT-A33

Announced Aug 24, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
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Sony Alpha SLT-A33 review
By: Mike Lowe, What Digital Camera (Sep 30, 2010)

The A33 undoubtedly opens new doors and Sony's clear-cut commitment to pushing new technology into the photo market is an interesting angle for a company looking for new approaches to capture today's demanding audiences. Digital technologies are changing and it has to be said so are consumer's expectations. While a year or so ago many noses would have turned at the mere suggestion of an...

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Sony SLT-A33 review

Sony's Alpha SLT-A33, and its stable-mate the SLT-A55, are two of the most interesting and exciting cameras around right now. They may resemble conventional DLSRs from the outside, but rather than having a mirror which flips up when taking a photo, they employ fixed semi-reflective mirrors. Note, Sony describes the mirror as being translucent, but since most definitions associate this with...

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