Sony Alpha NEX-5R Review

Announced Aug 29, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
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Sony NEX-5R review
By: Mike Topham, What Digital Camera (Oct 19, 2012)

Though the NEX-5R is a completely new Sony CSC it must be said that it doesn't offer a vast amount more than what we've seen before in the NEX-5N. It handles very similarly in the hand and other than providing the options to transfer images directly to your smart phone or tablet, the menu system and navigation is much the same. The minor tweaks to the body have improved operation slightly and...

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Sony NEX-5N review
By: Mike Lowe, What Digital Camera (Oct 31, 2011)

Sony's not flinching against the flurry of new Compact System Cameras hitting the market. With smaller-sensor, smaller designs making up the majority of the competition, the NEX-5N's impressive image quality can happily boast to have among the best image quality going. To take the already impressive NEX-5 and better it is a job well done. For moving image fanatics, too, the NEX-5N provides more...

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Sony NEX-5 review
By: Mike Lowe, What Digital Camera (Jun 9, 2010)

Although compact-like in appearance, don't let the exterior fool you - the Sony NEX-5 produces class-leading images that outshine some stiff competition in the Micro System Cameras sector. Many will love its pick-up-and-shoot ease of use, though it's not without its errors - the lack of buttons for control and amount of menu digging required to adjust options may frustrate more advanced users....

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