Sony Xperia Z Ultra User Reviews

Announced Jun 25, 2013 •
6.4 screen | 8 megapixels (rear) | 2 megapixels (front)

I like this phone. I got it to show off my web site as I'm selling advertising space, and for this I needed the biggest portable screen. The screen IS big and the phone still fits in my pocket. I haven't tried the water-resistance so can't comment from experience, but suffice it to say that it's important to me, so hopefully it's true! Nice screen, but I get strange, random phantom commands sometimes and I've been dismayed to watch the unit going through rapid-fire command sequences while I'm ...

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I would say I like it the most because of its 6.4 display and 2.2 quad as well as its light weight for its size . Beside, I wish it had better speaker and flash though. I think because its waterproof which might Sony made it this way. I myself actually like it and I really recommended it to whom want to upgrade his to better screen size and really powerful processor for gaming. I'm so happy with it and as I said earlier who wants loud speaker and flash for taking pictures at night time its ...

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