Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V

Announced Feb 1, 2011 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 27 – 810 mm (30×)
Adam Loader

The DSC-HX100V is a very good camera for beginners, the lens is good, and it has plenty of features. I have just bought a Nikon DSLR, however, and found that actually this bridge camera has no purpose to me not even as a second camera. The best bits for me are: (1) The zoom (2) The built in ND filter (3) GPS (4) Small Size (5) High Megapixels (16.2) (6) Manual Mode (7) Swivel Screen The not so good bits for me ...

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Photo quality is very good. 30x zoom is very handy. And 10fps burst mode is great. However, there are some major drawbacks. No RAW. Poor quality in low-light situations. Inability to focus when using the zoom to capture a macro-like shot. And the operational performance is sluggish... switching between shooting modes, or between playback and shooting. Overall I've learned to work with the shortcomings, and the photos I've taken come out great. I just feel that I'm being limited and am being ...

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Becoming a serious birdwatcher, I knew its time for a megazoom to satisfy myself..and how HX100V fits in like a glove! get 30x in a DSLR setup + lenses is just not economical for me at the moment...I bought this camera after researching / comparing /analysing whats in the megazoom market for about 2months.. I earlier had a Kodak Z8612IS for two years, which had good features for an amateur i am... first things first, i am very happy with the zooms and i do not disturb the perched birds ...

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