Samsung NX100

Announced Sep 14, 2010 •
15 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

This isn't an attempt at an objective and unbiased review, just a personal comment I'm just amazed at this camera, its brilliant, does exactly what I want, and was so much cheaper than other available options I wanted a small camera very portable camera with control over depth of field - this with the 30mm f2 does exactly that. Its great. And playing with depth of field is even more fun with the screen, which is incredibly sharp and detailed, so manual foussing becomes easy... Cheap feeling, ...

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I have had many SLRs and still have Canons with L-series lens. The NX100 is a delight to use and produces extremely good quality images particularly with the 30mm f2. This is a gem of a lens and the whole system is tiny by APC standards. I think it has a quality feel to it and i always get positive comments on the retro look. I have no desire to upgrade it and I love the fact that it is easy to lug around. Problems: None

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Keivnx is modified by NX100 with fixed Keiv viewfinder. Multiple factor have 2X, 3X and 6X. Mainly use as 6x6 Digital camera for Pentax, Zeiss and Pentacon Six lenses. Optical viewfinder works very well with clear view enlargement of three steps; 2X 3X and 6X thatNx100 users would like!! Problems: NX 100 FW need following improvements. 1. On camera Jpg engine need steps +2 Contrast as always ON setting on next update to compensate the loss when sensor signal process into jpg image. The pre ...

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