Samsung HZ35W (WB650)

Announced Jan 19, 2010 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 360 mm (15×)

This definitely is the worst digital camera I ever had. I bought it upon DP's recommendation because I needed a camera that would serve me on my travels as back up when I didn't want to use my pro gear ( I am a pro and have had bad experiences in Rio and NY). It had all the specs I was looking for. But not only was the picture quality lousy (I compare it to the Sony T90 I have) the auto focusing was so unreliable, even in clear sunshine with a clearly defined object, that more than 50% of ...

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I've used mine for about four months now and waited in order to give a more valid review. 1. GPS- I did not have problems with it. I simply followed the guides online the day before getting it and spent about 15 minutes setting up the file structure on my memory card (in addition to help with obtaining the files). When I got the camera, I plugged the card in and the GPS acquired the signal in just a few minutes, and worked immediately. The GPS is quite helpful, especially when mountain ...

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Bought as a replacement for my TZ5 and it was the GPS that sold it for me (unfortunately). The camera is not as small as a number of modern compacts but for my big hands it is fine and about the same as my TZ5 was. The controls are well laid out and the menu system is clear. Most camera controls are similar now so it did not take much time to get used to the layout. Picture quality is average for a small sensor compact, I do not pixel peep so have no complaints at all. 15X zoom is very good ...

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Pros: - Feature Set - 15X zoom - Incredible AMOLED 3" display - Zoom during video - Charge using PC - Automatic switch to camera mode when press shutter - Mapview for GPS shots - Manual controls (A,S,M) - SW in camera ROM, easy to install on PC Cons: - GPS takes a long time to acquire - Documentation is only fair and on CD only - Proprietary USB cable - Not very fast - Format erases both images and Mapview data Problems: No documentation on how to install Mapview maps on the camera. Had to ...

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