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Ricoh Caplio R8

Announced Feb 19, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)

I have had this little camera for 18 months now, so I thought it would be worth posting a review. The camera is on the whole well made. Nice metal body and sturdy controls. However there is a design fault with the LCD surround, which I will mention in the problems part. Image quality is mixed, sometimes it nails it, great colours, sharpness and good control of CA. However, sometimes the WB is off (the images seems to have a bluish hue on them) Not good for portraits as the skin tones are too ...

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Nice piece of equipment, well built. Serves as an addition to my Canon G9 and replaces my old Ricoh R3. Got it on Ebay for 120 euro. What I still like: 1. 28-200 zoom and a real usefull macro 2. fast responsiviness and write times 3. superb menu and handling 4. small pocket sized 5. built quality 6. the general "ricoh" feeling Noise is far better than R3 (should be, there's a gap of 3 years between the two). Also battery cover, built quality and general design are very much better. With ...

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I bought this on impulse because of the price £130 and the features. I liked the size of the camera, the long wide angle zoom, and the design of the camera. It all looked promising. When I got home I charged the battery and read the manual. Then I started testing the features and learning how to use the camera and setting up. So far so good. Then I started taking pictures along side my 2 year old Canon A710is. That is when it all started to fall down. Noise on pictures from the R8 is high and ...

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Ten Furlongs

Wow! This is extremely well construction camera, just the feel of it in your hands confirms this, a useful hand grip and two point neck strap option. Features, well is all here as far as I am concerned, 1 cm macro, 460K LCD, smooth and silent 7x (28~200mm) optical zoom, excellent user interface, 22mm ? thin body but not too small, 1:1 shooting ratio, continuous shooting mode, mechanical anti-shake, step zoom & interval shooting. Problems: Flash range could be better, average when compared to ...

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Al Bar

This camera is pretty and compact, with lots of features and a simple interface ... but the image quality is not very good. Problems: The high resolution images are really noisy at 100 ISO. The finest JPEG compression isn't very fine at all. You'll have to reduce the 10MP image to 7MP or so to make it look clean.

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Tom Caldwell

I am a self confessed Ricoh freak and know them well enough to get the most out of them. I have seen no need to upgrade from my trusty R4 and will still keep that as my rough and ready go everywhere 7x optical carry about. The R8 is a more sophisticated looking piece of equipment and whilst the R4 merged into the tourist crowd and kept its true capabilities hidden inside its plebean looks the R8 needs the designer sunnies and the cafe latte. But looks are deceptive and I find the R8 just ...

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RICOH DISAPPOINTS AGAIN... Problems: Despite repeated pleas with Ricoh's engineering design team, they continue to overlook a very important feature which virtually all other camera manufacturers now include. THIS IS INEXCUSABLE! Specifically, an aspect ratio setting of 16:9 is still lacking, as with earlier Caplio models. This is a major negative for the many of us who wish to view their photos on a wide, 16:9 PC screen or on HDTV. Also, more and more camera makers now provide an HDTV OUT ...

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