Pentax K-7

Announced May 20, 2009 •
15 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

When I held the camera for the first time I said, "WoW!, Pentax really stepped-up the cameras ergonomics wih this new body design." The camera has an incredible feel to it when you hold it, as does the K-5 which is even nicer with the taller shooting function knob. This body style is unlike anything I've ever got my hands on. It's such a small and capable design that takes so much and putsinto the smallest package w/o sacrificing the ability to operate it easily and efficiently. Much ...

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The bottom line is Image Quality , and this camera deliver average image quality. High noise is present even in ISO 200. * Build Quality - is very good, But build quality is hiding a very average image quality. * It seems that Pentax engineer did not finish the work, so they had to wrap it with build quality and tones of settings that are not needed. I also have the Pentax DS2 and K200D, and I have compared image quality from these camera with the K- 7. and it is just not up to the level of ...

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