Pentax K-30

Announced May 21, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

I am already a Pentax DSLR user, see Pentax ist* DL2 review on this site (using my old ID of RobGee). My DL2 is so full of dust that dust mites are breeding! So with the cost of a full clean at say £80 it seemed sensible to up grade to a fully dust proof camera and retire the DL2. I had already short listed the K-30 and that was at the £679 price including 18-55 “WR” lens. Just could not believe my luck when the package price fell to £449 in store and £50 cash back from Pentax UK. First ...

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I switched from Pentax K-r to K-30, which is partially a successor (stilll a Pentax´s entry level), but partially a higher level (especially in comparison to C/N entry level models). Everyone can read the specs, so I won´t repeat them, but comparing to the competition from Canon (650D) or Nikon (D5100/5200) the K-30 highlights are weather-sealed body and 100% pentaprism viewfinder. Things that differentiate K-30 from K-r or which mean improvements: - new sensor: the famous Sony 16 Mpx sensor ...

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Oom Julius

The K-x was a gem with a few flaws. All of them were addressed in the K30. The red focusing dots are back in the viewfinder, the processing of consecutive shots much faster and the view finder info easier to read. The K-x sensor was good at high ISO but the K30 is even better. I now capture images where previously I would not have bothered taking the lens cap off. Considering the price, it is as good as cameras twice the price. I have a Pentax 70mm prime as well as a 300mm prime and the ...

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