Pentax K10D

Announced Sep 13, 2006 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor

This is Staight-up a nice DSLR for ISO 200 or lower, maybe 400 in bright light. I was able to produce several nice photos with this camera. I couldn't have asked more for my 1st DSLR and at the time fulfilled my needs. Problems: The low resolution LCD on this camera and the K-20D was reason enough for me to pass on he K-20D and wait for the K-7. I can't stand not having a direct ISO button, but is not as necessary because of its lack of High ISO performance. No Video. Autofocus limits ...

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Con: Terrible jpg output Slow autofocus Lens availability Menus/Buttons are annoying (no ISO or WB buttons) Terrible software package SR is useless Dust Remover is also useless Terrible autofocus in low light More noise than other camera at ISO 800/1600 No ISO 3200 Pro: Best kit lens (18-55) on the market Good build quality Problems: Lots of dust on the sensor and in the viewfinder right out of the box.

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Quietly Confident

It's a very reasonable camera - IF you get a good sample. Like all makes, Pentax has its fair share of ultra-committed (some might say they should *be* committed) devotee's - who tend to approach any new Pentax offering with a fierce and unquestioning tribal loyalty. If you can get past the seemingly endless worship-fest that is conducted day and night without ceasing by these fanatics, it's possible to see that the K10D is a good enough camera - with some inherent flaws, and some ...

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